When presenting, pitching, or contributing to an important meeting, you’ll most likely have rehearsed the words you’ll say, but have you rehearsed how your body language can enhance your message?

As humans, the primary way we assess people is through what we can see – the visual aspect of things. Whether your audience is; your team, your boss, a potential client, you need to ensure your body language helps (and doesn’t hinder) your chances of success.

The courses in this school are designed to ensure you can use your body language to maximise your chances of success.

This is an impressive collection of body language insights for everday business scenarios. Everyone from a junior sales person, to a seasoned c-suite executive can benefit from applying these skills.

Stuart Morton

Vice President EMEA, Lifescan

Martin Brooks

About Martin Brooks

Hi I’m Martin. I’ve always been insatiably curious about how the world’s top communicators use their body language to enhance their performance, make their impact and boost their chances of success. That’s why my job title is the Impacttologist®.

Master your body language with a range of on-line courses. For a complete understanding of how to use (and not use) your body language, Body Language Communication Mastery contains a comprehensive 101 techniques. For people with less time, Body Language Essentials gives you 10 top tips on how to use your body language more effectively.

I love sharing the body language tips I’ve learned about with people. But what tops even that, is seeing how people use the skills I’ve shared to help them make a greater personal impact and achieve more success as a result.

Are you ready for more success in your life?

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